Seminar Secrets: Beyond Working the Room

When you are at a seminar, workshop, or other networking event, are you using it for its full marketing potential? No? Then, here are some powerful suggestions to make your next event a money-making endeavour:

1. Get Business Cards: A lot of people think their objective is to pass out business cards like mad. So, they run around an event, throwing their cards in front of people and sprinting onward to the next table. If this sounds like you, ditch this behavior right now!

Instead, ask other people for their cards. Ask them about their business and hobbies. These are connections to people. Honor that fact.

2. Show up: It’s so easy to check out when another person is speaking. When you are chatting with someone, be polite and say a few words, and then listen to them. Who knows, this could be your newest big client, best friend, or spouse (hey, it happens!).

3. Take notes: Now, when you return to your table or during the next break, write a note on the back of the business cards you just collected to cue about the conversation. This will help you remember later.

4. Organize your cards: When you have a little time, place all of your cards into categories such as a) potential customer, b) referrer, c) vendor, d) general, or e) icky/never, ever call in a gazillion years. Follow up on the first two as soon as you get home. Follow up with the vendors and general categories within a couple of weeks. The icky category can be used in the cat litter box.

5. Leave your gang: If you are at the seminar with co-workers or people you already know, spend some time with them if you must. But make it a priority to build some brand new bonds, as well.

6. Follow Up! Pay attention: this is the most important part! When you get home, take another day off, or set a big chunk of time aside to follow up with the people you met. Send friendly e-mails out to all those people in the first 2 categories you made in step 4. Use the notes on the back (aren’t you glad you did that now?) to add a personal touch to each e-mail. A phone call or a hand-written note is an even better touch.

Use seminars and other events to their FULL potential. Powerful people speak at and attend these things. Yes, you will learn amazing things to fill your brain. But remember to fill your rolodex with amazing people, and you’ll be astounded at the added impact these powerful relationships will bring you.
(c) 2006 Wendy Gray Maynard

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