Powerhouse Marketing With Persuasive Postcards

The lowly postcard…it’s more than just a “having fun, wish you were here” delivery system. This tiny billboard is actually a powerhouse of automate lead generation real estate tool with almost unlimited uses. Harness this little dynamo and you’ll find a surge of new business opportunities.

Here are some reasons your company should consider a postcard:

1. Cost effective: A regular-sized postcard only costs $.23. You can send up to a 4 1/4″ x 6″ card without incurring additional expense. This cost is before any bulk-mailing discounts, which can substantially add to savings. They are also inexpensive to print, even if you go to a four-color job. And, since a postcard is a single piece of paper with no envelope, post cards don’t incur a folding and stuffing charge: simply print, label, and send ’em.

2. Postcards are versatile: Your business can use a postcard to show a picture of a new product, send a reprint of a recent advertisement, invite people to an upcoming event, or announce a new service offering. You can also use a postcard to direct people to your website.

3. Quick to read: Another benefit to postcards is the speed at which people can read your message. Studies have shown recipients don’t open every piece of mail. Since a postcard doesn’t take any time or effort to open, most people simply flip the card over to see what it says. Your audience is reading it as soon as it reaches their hands. It’s a powerful way to entice people to visit your website. Offer a free e-report or a chance to win something to drive them there. Make your sales pitch online.

4. Make a bold statement: If you don’t mind spending a little more on postage, go for the OVERSIZED card. You can create some amazing pieces that are 6″ x 11″ and mailed out with a first-class stamp. These are surefire way to make a lasting impression and recipients are less likely to simply toss them.

5. Stay in touch: Postcards are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your customers aware of your company and showcase new services or products. You can send out coupons to customers you haven’t seen in a while. Offer your recipients an incentive for referring new business. Let them know about new areas or content on your website.

6. Eye-catching handouts: Use extra postcards left over from your mailing as a fancy “business card” at a seminar you offer or a networking event you attend.

7. Feedback forms: You can develop a quick survey. Recipients can check a couple of boxes and fax them back to you. It’s likely you’ll get a good response if with such an easy-to-complete format.

8. Test your messages: Print several versions of your postcard message and send each to several different mailing groups. Find out which version gets the best response and that’s your winner. Use the high-response one in a mailing to a larger group. Watch the responses roll in!

9. Coupons: Use the postcard to entice a visit to your location. When customers come in to your service location, they can bring the postcard offer with them to receive a discount or freebie.

10. Remind your customers: If you are a dentist, a mechanic, or another type of business that provides a routine service, a postcard can be sent as a reminder to your customers that it’s time to come in for a check-up.

So, the next time you’re thinking about doing a mailing, consider trying postcards to reach your customers. You can generate a BIG response without spending a lot of money!

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