Newsletters are Marketing Machines!

Is your business publishing a print or e-newsletter? An informative publication is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and leads. It also reinforces your expertise in your industry. You can give your readers tips and advice. You can also give them updates about company news and information about your products or services. Both can help drive repeat business to your website. It also reminds people that you are still available the next times they need your services or products.

To generate your mailing list, start with your current customers, friends, associates, and vendors. Include a sign-up form on your website for print and/or electronic versions. Ask new customers if they would like to receive your newsletter. Organize your contacts using some kind of database software. Make sure you keep your list up to date.

Over time, a newsletter establishes trust with your readers. You begin to form a relationship, even if you’ve never met face to face. Be there for your readers if they have questions, need advice, or want support. E-mail or call them back promptly. Ultimately, your publication will lead to more word-of-mouth business and referrals.

Some advice: Keep the majority of your publication focused on advice and resources. If it is too sales oriented, people will be a LOT less interested in it. You will also lose some of your credibility and may be perceived as pushy. Make your newsletter fun, interesting, creative, and informative. Try organizing each issue around a theme. Develop a mailing schedule and stick to it.

And, please go to a professional designer to help you with it, not your neighbor’s nephew who had a class in “Design 101 Something or Other.” Remember, you get what you pay for. If you don’t invest in your marketing piece, it will look like it!

ACTION ITEM: Today, start making plans to create an online or offline newsletter. If you already have one, is it being sent regularly? Does it need a facelift? Is the content interesting? Are you receiving positive feedback? Make sure your publication is creative and that it”s working effectively.

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