Is Your Website a Warty Toad?

Unfortunately, many business owners do not harness the full power of their website. Instead, companies allow their website to stagnate, festering in its own little virtual swamp. It sits there day after day, never changing…a poor little web-toad, never to become a prince.

To prevent your website from facing this pathetic future, take a good hard look at it. It just might be time for you to give that warty toad an extreme makeover. Redesign your website…the kiss that will make it princely. Instead of languishing in a boggy quagmire, your website can feature ever-changing content and graphics, working for you to bring in new and repeat business.

Okay, so now you are probably thinking… “Do I have a warty-toad website? Ew! Yucky!” So, here are some questions to help you figure out if your website needs a royal transformation:

1. Is your website achieving your how to automate lead generation?

2. Are you pleased with its look?

3. Does your site get a steady flow of visitors?

4. Is your website designed for maximum search engine optimization?

5. Do visitors return to your site repeatedly?

6. Was your website developed in the last two years?

7. Is your site easy to navigate?

8. Does your website have compelling, sales-oriented content?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, you MAY have a toad on your hands. Work with a professional web designer to create a website prince. Determine the functions that are important to you. Examples include: e-commerce, a blog, events calendar, online portfolio, and so on.

ACTION ITEMS: Review your website and work through the above questions. Start a list of features you would like to have included in your site. Then, when you meet with your web designer, you will be able to effectively plan your new site. {SMOOCH!} Your toad is transformed!

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